The Texas Coinitiative, Inc., has been officially registered and recognized by the Secretary of State of Texas as a Non-Profit Corporation. The Official Mission Statement of the Texas Coinitiative, Inc., is to educate merchants, consumers, and entrepreneurs regarding cryptocurrencies and peer-to-peer decentralized payment systems, including, but not limited to, “block-chain” systems, mining, transacting within decentralized peer-to-peer payment systems, digital wallet security, risks inherent in utilizing digital crypto-currencies, obtaining cryptocurrencies (“onBoarding”), converting cryptocurrency to fiat (“offBoarding”), good practices regarding privacy and security with regards to the use of cryptocurrency, and shall also provide a networking platform upon which consumers, merchants, startups and entrepreneurs can meet other persons interested in the above items in order to further the objectives of the Coinitiative and its members.




The Houston Bitcoin Meetup’s mission is to cultivate a community of bitcoin enthusiasts who strive to affect change and increase the public acceptance of cryptocurrency. We are miners, investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators engaging in the evolution of virtual currency.

We are dedicated to exploring virtual currency investing, trading, mining, pooling, and innovation. Everyone interested in Bitcoin is welcome to join the group to connect, learn, collaborate and trade.

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An initiative to educate and convince businesses in Houston to accept bitcoin for their goods and services. We hope to not only create a shopping destination for Bitcoin enthusiasts, but also demonstrate to the wider community that Bitcoin can be easily integrated by a variety of merchants.



A location for Bitcoin supporters and other interested parties to engage and learn about Bitcoin and other emerging Blockchain technologies from like minded indivuduals. The Bitcoin Embassy will also serve as the primary location for formal Bitcoin education events covering topics ranging from accepting bitcoin the currency to investing in the space to the legal ramifications of the new technology.