Bitcoin offers both businesses and consumers a number of benefits over traditional payment systems. It facilitates a secure, faster, and more affordable option whether paying for goods in person or transferring money across the world.



Credit card fees can range from 1.6-4% per transaction, often with the highest fees being paid by small businesses who are unable to negotiate a better rate. Businesses can increase their margins by utilizing the Bitcoin network, which has significantly lower fees. If a merchant chooses to immediately convert to USD (or any other local currency) through a Bitcoin payment processor, they only pay 1% of their total transaction, effectively eliminating all of the volatility risk associated with bitcoin. If a merchant chooses to hold the bitcoins, the transaction fee is a fraction of a cent.

potential savings with bitcoin

Source: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research


Bitcoin removes the risk of chargebacks and fraudulent payments that costs merchants millions of dollars each year. Payments made with bitcoin are irreversible and secure meaning that merchants no longer have to worry about fighting credit card chargebacks or bearing the cost of fraud.



Bitcoin allows merchants to reach a much wider audience. Since bitcoin is an international currency utilized by people in almost every country and bitcoin allows near instantaneous transfers, merchants can accept bitcoin for goods and services on the international scale.


Micropayments are financial transactions involving very small amounts of money that usually occur online. One of the main barriers to the emergence of micropayments has been the need to keep individual transaction fees low, which is impractical while transferring small sums of money. Bitcoin’s low fees allows for websites to implement micropayment systems for access to content (such as individual newspaper articles or reports), something which was previously impossible.


Houston Merchants Accepting Bitcoin

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