Meet The Team

Austin Brister
Co-founder of, attorney, musician, pilot and tech-nerd. Austin has worked in-house, negotiating and administering multi-million dollar construction contracts, and heavy casualty insurance claims, and in private practice where he regularly assists clients in all phases of oil and gas acquisitions, from $1 Million dollars to an excess of $1 Billion dollars in total allocated value.

Caleb Chen
An editor of, Caleb is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he studied Economics, East Asian Studies, and Mathematics. He is currently pursuing his Master’s in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia.

James Duchenne
Co-founder of, James has 9 years of experience as a legal counsel & has assisted large and small businesses in all aspects of corporate governance, mergers & acquisitions, finance & capital raising, compliance, property law, IP and contracts. He is a licensed attorney of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia. James is also a qualified Aeronautical Engineer and co-authored an innovative patent describing self-regulating algorithms and game mechanics.


Amin Khoja
Has been a trader in Commodities Market for over 8 years. Has worked in a Big 4 accounting firm. Other experiences include M&A Advisory and Valuation Services in Oil and Gas and Financial Markets. Currently, he is trying to make an understanding of how will the IRS Rulings affect the bitcoin community esp. the miners. Founder of Min’Em BTC providing quality scrypt and bitcoin miners.

Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore is a consultant with 8 years of experience consulting with small businesses to Fortune 500 in areas such as Telecommunications, IT, Energy Management, and Payment Processing. Kevin is a Cryptocurrency Evangelist and has experience setting up merchants for bitcoin payments, and currently hosts the Houston Bitcoin Wednesday Meetups.

Kimberley Morgan
A graduate of the University of Michigan, majoring in Political Science and Sociology, Kimberley has spent most of her professional career working in the education sector as an event planner, coordinating conferences and other events, as well as managing their Social Media campaigns, for groups such as The University of Michigan’s Business and Finance Diversity Committee, Houston’s Government Procurement Connections. She comes to the Texas Coinitiative as a Bitcoin owner, co-organizer of the Cryptowomen Houston Chapter as well as a leading member of the Cryptowomen Worldwide. She enjoys sharing with people about the power of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Stephen Pettyjohn
Current student at the University of Houston studying Finance, Management Information Systems and Mathematics. Currently working as a consultant in a systems development company, Stephen has experience building system architecture. In his free time he pursues new and growing technologies, builds trading systems and strategies, and is a Bitcoin evangelist.

Witold (Vtech) Piorun
Witold works for a portfolio management software company specializing in bond and derivative accounting solutions for medium-to-large banks, credit unions and REIT’s. After trading on the Forex market for 5 years, in 2013 he became involved with Bitcoin mining and building specialized mining rigs. He is also an active investor on BTCJam, Bitcoin Lending Club, Cryptostocks as well as Bitfinex.

Adam Richard
Adam is an entrepreneur, brand chemist, web developer, graphic designer, photographer, integral theory & cryptocurrency enthusiast. He has had entrepreneurial ventures in vertical market supply chain software, branding, film production, & photography. He co-founded Metal Networks, Inc., and is the founder of Noble Imaging, LLC and the Houston Bitcoin Meetup. He is a bitcoin evangelist and is a member of the Altcoin Investment Club.


Sheldon Weisfeld
A serial entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of CoinVault ATM a crypto-currency terminal kiosk operator of the CVATM network. CoinVault ATM(tm) allows a user to buy and sell Bitcoin in near real time. He previously founded Prepaid Wireless Services in 1992 helping to launch the consumer acceptance and proliferation of consumer cellular services by reducing the barrier to entry for the masses. CVATM is poised to do the same for crypto currency allowing people with a cell phone, id, face and a palm to access the global network Bitcoin represents.