Texas Coinitiative | Code of Ethics
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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics shall be the basis of conduct, membership principles and ideals for the members of the Texas Coinitiative, Inc. (“TXC”); and it shall be understood that conduct of any member of the TXC inconsistent with the provisions set forth in this Article shall be considered unethical and said individual’s membership status shall be subject to review for possible disciplinary action as prescribed in the Official Bylaws.

In the area of human endeavor involving competitive conditions and evolving technologies, ethical standards for fair, honest and professional dealings amongst members and the public can be made increasingly meaningful by an association organized and dedicated not only to the definition, maintenance, and enforcement of such standards, but to the improvement and education of its members and the public, as set out in the Official Bylaws and the Mission Statement of the TXC.

It shall be the duty of the Members of the TXC at all times to promote and, in a fair and honest manner, represent cryptocurrencies and block-chain technologies to the public at large with the view of establishing and maintaining goodwill between the industry and the public and among industry parties.

Members of the TXC, in dealings with other members, the press, merchants, consumers, industry parties, and other members of the public, shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent with fairness and honesty, such as to maintain the respect of the public.

Competition among those engaged in the cryptocurrency and block-chain technologies sector shall be kept at a high level with careful adherence to established rules of honesty and courtesy.

TXC Members shall not betray other members’, employer’s, donors’, volunteers’, or clients’ trust by directly turning confidential information to personal gain.

TXC Members shall exercise the utmost good faith and loyalty to other members, employers, donors, volunteers, or clients and shall not act adversely or engage in any enterprise in conflict with the interest of said party. Further, TXC Members shall act in good faith in dealings with other persons in the cryptocurrency and block-chain technologies sector . TXC Members shall not represent themselves to be skilled in professional areas in which they are not professionally qualified.