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September Houston Bitcoin Meetup:

Meet the Speaker

On Monday, 9/4/14, Brian Gaer joined the Houston Bitcoin Meetup at START Houston via Skype for a remote Question & Answer session.

About Brian Gaer

In the Bitcoin realm, Brian is the President and founder of both Coin Debt Collections and Coin Trader; he is also a co-founder of MultiSig+. He has successfully raised funds for his projects through, a cryptocurrency-only crowd-funding platform. Brian is also an active investor in the digital currency space and has many experiences to share.

Houston Bitcoin Meetup


Texas Coinitiative’s Houston Bitcoin Meetup will be changing location of our Bitcoin Networking Meetup on a monthly basis. Please continually check the meet-up page for the latest location.

We need your support as we venture into the Houston Metropolitan area. We are continually looking for locations that will benefit from our presence, if you know of a location, please contact us – we are always open to suggestions.

Bring a friend, your significant other! Tell them about our meetup page and encourage them to signup.


We want you to join the Texas Coinitiative if you are interested in increasing awareness and adoption of Bitcoin in Houston, TX.

A 1 year membership affords us the ability to serve drinks and food at our events, pay for marketing materials such as signage and educational materials to help merchants and consumer adopt Bitcoin. it gives you direct access to the most knowledgable and entrepreneurial individuals in Houston. Your support for only $30/year can benefit us all.


October 1st, 2014
7PM - 10PM
Teahouse - Tapioca and Tea

October 29, 2014
7PM - 11PM
Bitcoin Halloween Party
Location: TBD

SPEAKER SERIESOctober 15th, 2014
7PM - 10PM 
START Houston
Speaker: Houston Bitcoin Entrepreneurs
Visit the HBM Meetup Page for updates

CoinVault ATM Launches FirstTwo-Way Bitcoin ATM in Dallas, TX



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