Is Texas Leading the Way for the Virtual Currency Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin segment on Houston Matters. Texas Coinitiative president, Kevin Moore, and board member, Sheldon Weisfeld were interviewed!


In the current issue of Texas Monthly, Loren Steffy argues Texas is becoming the most friendly state in the country for the virtual currency known as Bitcoin. Earlier this year, the Texas Department of Banking became the first state regulator in the nation to issue guidelines for such currencies, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission approved the use of Bitcoin to purchase alcohol.

We talk with Steffy, and discuss whether Bitcoin is really catching on in Houston and across Texas, or remains largely a virtual pipe dream.

And we hear from Bitcoin advocate Sheldon Weisfeld, CEO of CoinVault ATM, a company that operates ATM kiosks for users to conduct Bitcoin transactions or exchange Bitcoins for cash; Kevin Moore, the president of the Texas Coinitiative; and Houston criminal defense lawyer Jay Cohen whose office is one of few businesses in Houston that accepts Bitcoin.


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